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PSA - Why server time zone is such a hot button issue


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You may think its becuase of oly and castle siege start times. Nope... those us who played EU classic would show up at random times for those events regaurdless.

Its actually becuase in the classic version of the game there are daily events for open world raids that spawn at the same time eveyday. If players want to enjoy the full effect of classic they need to be able to attend these events to contest them and pvp over these.

There is also a toi and loa event that happens on tuesdays every week. These come out when toi is released.

There are also "hot time" for events like holween christmas etc.

What it boils down to is l2 classic is alot more than oly and siege time.

So now you GOD players know more.

This is why its so important for -6 gmt server for NA players on western half of the country to be able to attempt to attend these events

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This is important. 

Daily events will be highly diminished if NA players cannot participate due to the server timezone. 

Lineage 2 crowd is older now, most of us are working during the day. These events should be held at an appropriate time for everyone to be a part of. 

Supporting the NA region means having the appropriate timezone for NA players to be present and participate. 

Otherwise, you're handing out control of these highly sought after raids and events to another region of players. 

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