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Lagspikes since the Server Maintenance: Wednesday, September 12, 2018


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Hi Guys,

I'm based in Europe, but I've never had issues with playing L2 at NC West. However, I've been having constant 2-3 second lagspikes (sometimes longer) since the Server Maintenance on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

I remember that I after that maintenance I downloaded an update and when I logged in I could not even move in game. Then the servers went down again, so I figured I need to wait. I tried around 6 hours later. When launching the client another update ran, which i assumed was a removal of XIGNCODE3 which has failed.

Ever since then I have horrible lagspikes. I have checked my connection with my ISP and the connection is fine. I took my laptop to a friend who uses a different provider and I had the same lagspikes when logged in.

So my conclusion is that either that update left sth on my laptop which is causing this, or it's on the server side. I have asked around and some people seem to experience lags but others don't.

@NC Staff, is this something that you are aware of and are investigating? I have not seen any formal note, so should I assume this is something local related to my laptop's setup? If yes, is there anything you can suggest I should do or check?


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