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2-3 Ppl LF CP archer/mage Giran


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Group of friends looking for casual CP ~GMT +2. Preferably archers, or mages. (We don't consider melee CP as fun to play in classic) Probably one DD and one Supp + one guy with random hours (for simplicity, driver).

We're from Poland. Experienced players from many private servers, also classics. 

We devote about 4h/d for playing, because of jobs/school. (18:00+ our time) We're not looking for hardcore gaming, just to play together, and participate in global events. (sieges/dailys/raids). That's why we choose Giran to play.

Meshan, Smyku, Slepy

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Hello everybody ... We are happy to announce the Creation of our new clan - Reborn.

We are looking for English Speaking people that want to have a great time and lots of fun in the new classic server with EXP and PvP ..

We are looking for Cp's, Half Cp's or Solo Players that are looking for a clan to start this new journey with. We are dedicated to success on our server, but we also know that life happens..this is a game and we treat it as such.

If you are interested in being a part of this family you can make a post in our forum : https://rebornclan.enjin.com/

Teamspeak use is required.

If you want you can find people and work together inside clan !!!

Hoping to see you soon!

                                                                                                                                                                                        Regards, SpartianGuard

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