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Freenzing Flame: What enchantment, add (Chance, Slow or Hex)?


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Hex seems to be a further spell for PvE, to reduce P.Def from the target, along with the ISS Doomcryer skills, Slow seems to be a more PvP skill, making it difficult for the target to move, the chance does not know what to think.

In your opinion, what is the most useful spell in PvP and PvE, or which one would be better in each case?

  • Chance: Increases Skill Sucess Rate by 1%
  • Slow: Decrease Speed by 2
  • Hex: Decrease P. Def 1%



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17 minutes ago, Skylarking said:

FF for slow

br/dm for wind

at/vampiric for crt reduction

pig/nocturne for pdef

radiant/resolving/symphony/transform/cancel/petrify/roots chance

bison/drums for time

trance for distance

Thank you! Already took and took many doubts I had ^^

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as far as i remember the damage from this skill is only reduced by "direct damage reductions" not affected by any def

" PVP damage reduction"

"damage reduction"

"fixed damage reduction"

but never tested, i guess it's also affected by pvp damage increases

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