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L2 Store - Buffs


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If i'm not wrongly, i saw on L2 Store buff of 2º Job to sell, so to be a little more hard the experience of the "start sever" i think te best choice is to remove this.

This will stay on store or will removed like SSC/BSSC ? 

If not, have any chance to remove this for the firsts weeks from the Store?

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Well, in order for people to be VIP4 there needs to be something to spend the NCoins on. Maintaining VIP4 over the months require you to spend 1320 NCoins per month with that you can buy:

1886 BSPS-C


12,2 hours worth of buffs from the buff fruits.

That is what I call a very minor advantage over a full month.

If you want extended benefits you can of course pay a lot of money, but then again, that is what keeps the game free to play.

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