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Freenzing Flame Physical damage?


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Skill_1244_1.jpg Freenzing Flame ( Des,: "498 Damage in PvP" )

But the damage never goes out 498, it is reduced, the question is reduced by "P. def", "M. def" or something else?

Previously I thought the damage ignored the defenses and went straight into HP, but as the value varies by second, I am in doubt. I do not criticize the damage leaps from approximately 200 ~ 300 and jump to the home of the 3k +

Is the damage of this skill influenced by the STR attribute or "P. atk" or "M. Atk" or "INT"?

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On 27/12/2017 at 11:06 PM, Arcanjo said:

Skill_1244_1.jpgFremening Flame ( Des ,: "498 dano em PvP")

Mas o dano nunca sai 498, é reduzido, a questão é reduzida por "P. def", "M. def" ou algo mais?

Anteriormente, pensei que o dano ignorava as defesas e seguiu direto para a HP, mas como o valor varia em segundo lugar, estou em dúvida. Eu não critico os saltos de danos de aproximadamente 200 ~ 300 e sai para a casa do 3k +

O dano dessa habilidade influenciada pelo atributo STR ou "P. atk" ou "M. Atk" ou "INT"?

Also I do not know, this in the group of Skils Magicas, but the damage and fixed, suffers seems that reduction based on equipment bonus, like +9 in armor, I'm not sure I can be talking bullshit. But despite the skill being the group of magics the damage is fixed, only reduced by fixed bonuses (I do not know what they are), now the chance of critical Magica that influences the case of fire.

I would like to know how to amplify the power of this skill in PvP ..

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