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Whats a good dual box for a solo player?

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8 minutes ago, Tzeo said:

What do you mean by "good"? Just pick the class you really like. Classic xp is hardcore and if you don't enjoy the hours you spend with your class, you will quit fast.

Duo that syncs well with each other. For example if I go archer what buff class should i pick? Prophet? I want to be able to handle my own as a solo player that doesn't require grouping because of my play times.

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Honestly, you can never go wrong with SE. 

They have Empower and recharge for the mages. They also have Vampiric Rage, heals, and few other buffs for any of your Melee toons. Lastly, they can res!


Best overall box hands down because ....

PP = no heals after 40

WC = small healing over time and no res

EE = no Empower, Focus, Death Whisper, or VR




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