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In regards to pk item destruction

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Will all items be in the table for destruction if you die while red? Aka will armor you are wearing be vulnerable or will it only be items in your general inventory? Personally, I'm hoping it's all items as there wouldn't be any risk to pking nonstop.

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The developers who come up with these ideas are absolutely clueless. How could it EVER occur to any of them that having a random item be destroyed upon death while red is a better idea than just dropping a random item like original Lineage 2? SUCH TERRIBLE DECISIONS ARE BEING MADE WITH THIS CLASSIC SERVER. It's so simple... MAKE IT LIKE VINTAGE L2! THAT'S ALL YOU GOTTA DO!!!!!

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Literally was so excited to come back in play hardcore again, this is the most carebear thing I have ever seen.No adrenaline rush in a fight risking my weapons, No reward for the hunt of someone who needlessly killed me. Literally unplayable. NC has lost my business again. Don't call this classic call this trash.

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