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PvE Tank: Def Attribute Value and AP setup


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Hello punching bags,

I got some concerns about setting up my PvE ET and I'd like some feedback or advice.

1. My current attribute defense w/o any AP is over 700 (on my weakest attributes).

Do you think that for PvE solely this value is sufficient?

Does anyone know the attribute atk value of mobs in this update (or where i can find such info)?


2. Afaik the 2 folowing APs are for normal hits only (not skills):

Guardian Death Shield

Lvl 1 - Decrease critical damage received by -10%.
Lvl 2 - Decrease critical damage received by -20%.

Guardian Focus Shield

Lvl 1 - Decrease critical rate by -15%.
Lvl 2 - Decrease critical rate by -30%.

Have you tested which has greater impact and should be prioritized?


Thx in advance.




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