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*Important question* Is this classsic server be a progressive?


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Imho they should simply avoid to go further than interlude (hellbound maybe?)

And develop the game "freshly" from that point on;

The game should not loose the grindy feel it has now, and things should remain hard also for newcomers.

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sub classes are not even introduced in Korea. i don't think for the next 3 years you should worry about sub classes. First they have to keep up with korea-europe-russia and that means i guess years...

in europe they have Goddard now after almost 3 years... its very difficult to go 70+ and "need" these areas so your main problem now is to get d grade weapon and c grade... 

in this current state in europe a grade is impossible to get. there is extremely hard to unseal them, everyone is walking around with eminence+++++++ or peril+++++++

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