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The carebear mindset in this community is saddening


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When I first saw how many people on this forum wanted the loop macros I was straight up shocked. Now the cry about adena rates and such, it s just disappointing. It feels like so many people never played original l2 and do not appreciate what true l2 used to be about and probably never even experienced what true hardcore ever was. L2 used to be extremely hardcore, more hardcore that it is now with all this 2-20 chains of quests. All of you, who complain about adena , drop rates, macros and other stuff are just posers and need to play on pvp servers where you don't need to do anything to be a "god of pve". Please, if you don't like to kill mobs without ss, if you are worried about not having a d grade weapon by lvl 20 just leave and don't try to ruin fun for us, people who appreciate the true nostalgic l2 experience


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