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Truly Free ~ But Can Not Play


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NcSoft ~ Perhaps you did not expect such a large turnout on the North American server, understandable... I also realize this is the "free" server... Though it is not, as many of us purchased the packs prior to release, either to get a head start or for nostalgia (pom-poms?) However, I think we can safely say that the server is too crowded when you're waiting for 500+ others to logoff before you can even begin to play.

Great, wonderful, actually happy that so many are playing. YOU NEED TO UPGRADE YOUR SERVERS, SERVER LIMITS OR REFUND PACKAGES... As far as I can see a majority of us DID purchase this, at least initially, and we can not even play.



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Eventually if you complete the login, one color title is enough to you activate VIP 1 enabling login without queue. Try to discover the hour of lesser quantity of players to attempt to login with small or without queue... but due this issue, could be a palliative solution put on L2galleria (webstore) the VIP activation outside of game client, @Juji

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