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Difference between servers (GMT+-)


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Hi guys, I would like to know what would be the main difference between servers and their hours:

Talking GMT-5

Giran GMT +1

Aden GMT-8

The host is in the same place if I'm not wrong (delay are same in 3 servers), then, it is only because of a topic of TW and Siege ?, do you know what the schedules will be already? as to be able to think about what timetables would be in my country and so to know which server suits me best to play.

Thx to all

PD: in the future, will there be a merge between servers?

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Yep it is the difference in times for TW and Seige.  


As for the Merge.  I would say they aren't currently planning it, as they just opened the servers.  LOL.  But when the population drops on Talking to where it doesn't pay to keep it going, they will probably merge Talking with Aden, as those 2 are the closest time zones.  

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