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*Gameplay Issues

  • Level 15 Newbie quests are giving out soulshots instead of spritshots when you select "Take a Spiritshot Pack". Pick up a 0 NCoin Spiritshot bundle in the meantime.

About this, who got the "spiritshot pack" in an account who make first an character fighter.. CAN'T purchace again the pack if he make an second character like ( Mage. )... maybe will be transfer the spiritshots ??

i create an character tipe Fighter and cant end the quest from Lvl 15... bcz is full from ppls killings same creatures, i chose create an character mage and i'm lvl 15 making this quest to got Spiritshots and i only got Soulshots when i need Spiritshots to continue making quest... Can make some to solve this problem please?

Excuse-me for bad english.


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