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Classes & Exalted Bonus


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In the end we have in the weapon 300 of attribute, in the armor 240 ~ 360 (Disregarding the Cover and Tiara). In cases where we have 240 of def. let's take 60 elemental damage per hit, then 10 strokes would be over 600 damage taken on an element.
Considering Armas Tauti or others that have 450 elemental damage (attribute) in a defense of 240 to the element, in 10 hits the target would receive 2,100 more damage from the damage calculated by Physical or Magic "Normal" damage.


Here comes a doubt, P. def or M. Def influences or increases the elemental damage (Attribute) of the weapon or this damage is literally fixed?

What would be the ideal elemental defense (Attribute)? For example I have a "Hair Acessory" that gives +3Con (1k of life) and 5% Mdef (+300 for magic defense), would it be worth changing it for Tiara Exalted?

  • +35 P.Def All Atribute
  • +50 All Atribute Atk
  • +50 P. Def
  • +40 M. Def

Bônus: +3 "STR/DEX/CON/INT/WIT/MEN/LUC/CHA" in Passive Skill

Did I forget any bonuses "Exalted"?



Replaces the Freya cover and the Tiara Replica.


I saw an old post to see if it helped, but although cool, did not take this doubt about how much the attributes actually avoid damage.


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You got this wrong.

Elemental attack vs defense is resulting to a dmg modifier.

so if u hit 500 defense element with 500 Attack element the bonus is 0% so literaly the dmg boost coefficient is 1.00.

In case you hit 1000 just from the Attckpower/defnse formula you got 1000 also with 500 vs 500

If you raisae attack element to 600 vs 500 defense bonus is 12.63% cca so  the coefficient is 1.1263

If you hit 1000 just from the Attckpower/defnse formula you got 1126.3 with 600 vs 500

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