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Can NCSoft control Bots/Server Break


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Hello fellow warriors, greetings

I just want to show you some points i was thinking about it, i'm here to be constructive you are free to disagree

          Queue - The first wall that are breaking this Project, some of us are unable to login at the moment, even spenders/VIP because everybody knows you can't play this without box support to give buffs for power boost, with that being said why don't you allow MAX 2 box, that encourages people to play together in party, also that way you prevent bots from running, who will stay 24/7 with 2 CPU running for 4 clients? come on even private server have better cap for support more then 6.000 people

          L2 Store - Boost EXP Rune prices and remove buffs/shots from l2 store (it's not a private server), that way people who really want to play can pay to have a better exp for they're supports/main account, that can prevent a "huge" gap between those Free and VIP, we all suffer together due rates, but EXP are fine, free player will have to stay some days leveling buffs, while spenders can rush they're accounts and everything will be fine

          Open beta - Test stuff before opening some stuff are wierd and people are complaining about it, with reason, when u have the issue with the SpiritShot quest reward you could simply add an NPC that exchanges SoulShots into Blessed SpiritShots rate 1=1, problem solved EASY

          Community - Give attention to the community, talk to the players

          Bots - The best for last, PLEASE start control your bots we all know Chronos/Naia are dominated by bots, if the same happens here people will leave because they know you guys don't make nothing about it


           - Please consider my opinion, we love this game, don't let it die

                                                                                                 - Player 2018


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