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We just want answers!


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Hime and Juji 

we know you guys are just mediators and can’t give conclusive answers. But these servers has been open for 6 days with broken rates and bugged mobs with no answers.


We were told this was a 1.5 version, but we aren’t getting 1.5 rates or even c1 rates. We are getting NCSoft Frankenstein’s monster rates that are broken. 


Either just give us the rates that are meant for this version or don’t. There is no discussion, the only one your company is having is the effect on profits via the l2store and your dev team is trying to find a way around that at the moment. But we were told this would be a 1.5 version, but really it’s just 3.0 scaled back with messed up rates.

Just give us what we were told we would get and stop avoiding the issue.

Also the advice you give to people about a full server and not able to log is move server, buy another pack. That’s bs the old servers had 8-9k people on them at some points.

there are many many people that are leaving if this isn’t fixed and your company doesn’t seemed that worried. Hell no one came to mediate the forum over the weekend, no communication and bad choices by your company are making every day worse.

btw I’m not making this post about adena or drops. I’m not “QQ” I just want stable frigin rates and answers.

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