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Hi @Hime and @Juji


I know you guys got a lot of stuff going on at the moment with the forum nearly blowing up about rates and logging issues.

But with that said a lot of us played a long time ago and had some pretty sweet accessories that we preferred like.

pig hunters hat (from an old event on fantasy island interlude maybe?)

pirate eye patch

party hat

raccoon ears 

cat ears 

Just to name a few, so in a few weeks once the work load has come down for you guys; can you mention this to the team and get them put into the nc shop. This would be amazing if we could get most of the old accessories available again some way or another.

I know a few people that accessories were like pokemons and they had to have them all. One person i knew you rarely saw her in the same combination of accessories and her husband was always having to sort the storage for them all.....



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