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Using silver coin most efficiantly


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So as you can get 100 low lvl mats per 100 coin, i vonder are you able to sell/vendor these mats? What would be nost efficiant ways to use these coin to get most proffit for it? 

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This would depend on the current price that the materials are being sold for. I'd go to a major town, take note of the lowest selling prices for each material. Selling prices do fluctuate, so the most profitable items can change over time. The profitability equation would be:

(Sell Price * Quantity of Materials per NCoin Purchase) / NCoin Cost per Purchase

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14 hours ago, Touristedor said:

Also I was wondering if the drop of silver coin isn't broke also because I play a full week lots of time every day and only have the amazing number of 31 .... so lets say free player complain about it but so far for the VIP player it's kind of useless ....

As a VIP, good. It's a nice little bonus, and it shouldn't be more.

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