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Could we at least have a NPC that sells Soulshots NO Grade lower than NPC in villages? In villages No grade SS are 8a each and there is no f*cking way u make enough adena to buy the same amount of SS u used to farm those adena which means people will never have adena to buy better equip and once u are lvl 30+ u hit nothing to mobs and it takes time and lot of SS to kill one and it becomes worse and worse level by level. The idea is to put a NPC that sells NO Grade SS like 2a each and those Soulshots CANNOT be sold to NPC so ppl will not buy for 2a and sell for more. I think this is a good idea UNTIL u fix the adena problem. Like this, as its now, there is NO WAY to buy ANYTHING in game. To farm some adena you must stay hours and hours farming adena quest.

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