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losing 20% exp on death instead 10%


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Is it always, or only when you delevel?

Because it can be caused by the way L2 calculates the exp-loss upon death: 

Let's say the penalty is, like on this server, 10%. That means the amount of experience points you lose when you die is 1/10th of the total amount of expierence points needed in your current level. Now, obviously, that calculates to 10% if you stay within your current level. However, if, let's say you need 100.000 exp points in your current level, meaning you would lose 10.000 when you die and you only have 1000 at the moment. The other 9000 would be substracted from the total experience points of your previous level. Which will be more than 9% since that level required less than 100.000 experience points.  That means, percentage wise, it could be more than 10% in total when you delevel.

However, if the difference indeed is 10% or 20% like you say, that would only occcur if you need twice the experience points for the current level as you needed for the previous. While there are some specific level ranges where this is the case, its only seldom. So yes, it may still be a bug ofcourse. 

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