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Question about Treasure Hunter


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Daggers are good in small pvp, but in mass pvp/sieges/raids Archers are a lot better.

It's easier to play with meele classes if you solo with box buffers a lot, and they are pretty good at small pvp, but expect 80%+ of the parties of big clans to be archer or mage parties.

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Daggers are good at dealing massive burst damage in a short time, but if you do that while farming, you will be quickly out of mana.

Archers are good at putting out consistently big damage.

The upside of meele classes in PVE is that if you have Vampiric Rage/Chant of Vampire buff, then you are able to sustain yourself better, so you will be able to farm with less support.

In full buffed conditions, or near that anyway, archers will outclass meeles. By far.

If you want to play in a small clan with random parties, look for 1v1/small pvp, participate in Olympiad, etc, then you'll be fine with a dagger.

If you want to join a big clan or a constant party and prefer mass pvp over small pvp, then go for the Hawkeye.

Archers are a lot more gear dependant though, and bows consume 2 to 4 soulshots / shot. Also, in 1v1, a TH will beat a Hawkeye almost every time.

It's not really a clear cut question to be honest. Depends on how you want to play the game really.

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5 hours ago, ilan345 said:

Is TH any good in pvp and castle siege? I see almost 90% of rouges pick bow and not dagger so i was wondering if maybe its cause its better in pvp or something?

thanks in advance 

Daggers have low p.atk, fast atk speed

Bow slow atk spd, high atk power

That means in terms of money/adena you are much better playing with a bow. Since you deal a lot more dmg with a lot less Soulshots.

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