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Black Lotus [Recrut Hardcore Player] {giran}

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We are international only english speaking (even if we are bad in english).
We are clan level 2 with +3% buff (soon +6%) 

We are looking for 8hours+ a day players who can feet to our roaster.

We are looking for One nuker, sws, ee  and WARSMITH.
You have to be 30+. 
Use of discord is encouraged. 
We want to create something big here. 

PM Gorgorbeye or Suuki or let a message here. have nice day.  

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kromachine    3

good luck with recruit, but you need to be more social to our server.you cant be 45+ lvls and go to lvl 20 areas and flag to 20-25 lvl players so you make poor pvp with them and show them your power. you need to show how good you are at your lvls.

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