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Another L2 Classic Opinion

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A little background information about myself. I played Lineage 2 when I was 13 years old. I started in Prelude. I played through the good times and the bad. For over 8 years. Some of those times were on and off in the later years. Shout out to anyone from Lionna. A special hug to all my homies from INVINCIBLE alliance. OG Phantom Ranger from RICE. Good to see you guys if you're here with me 15 years later.

On to what I came here to say. I understand that Lineage 2 classic (Prelude) was released a long time ago. It wasn't a perfect game, and it still isn't. They've made several quality of life changes that are currently in the game, that weren't around back in the day.

  1. Novice Equipment Quest Rewards.
  2. Level rewards.
  3. Cash shop bonuses.
  4. Free to play system allowing you to have multiple accounts and boxes running.

Just to name a few. There are other external small changes like having a wiki available, and years and years of guides and videos to pick from to help you out. This low level struggle for Adena and leveling is where all of my nostolgia derives from. I absolutely love it. I miss MMO games being difficult, time consuming, and a struggle. I miss feeling accomplished for doing things. It's the whole reason why I played Lineage 2 longer than any other MMO out in existence.

So needless to say, I'm having an amazing time in L2 Classic. Despite it having bumps and flaws. I don't want another MMO that is filled with instant gratification. I want something that will last. So let's not get ahead of ourselves and enjoy L2 for the game that it is.

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Hell yeah man! Im having a blast as well. Definitely feels nostalgic!

Kinda sad that some of these people that have other duties in real-life, expect that the game be tailored to their schedules and life-styles.

Not all games are meant for everyone.

Lineage 2 is my game tho! Love it.

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