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Each processed (successfully charged) payment must also pass a fraud protection related screening. Anytime there is a high volume of payments (e.g. first few days after a p2w event starts) or this classic fad right now, will result in fraud screening overload and hence the delayed delivery.

I still say that fraud protection and associated delays is better than free trade removal (which is a solution a very popular MMO took on 2008 when they could no longer sustain fraud related chargeback fees).

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Just now, nazgulas2001 said:

Spend 70euro and still no nc coin. NIce suport. This delay is bulshit no purpos play now until i dont get nc coin and starter pack.....

If this is your first time buying it can take up to 24 hours, would you rather them have anti fraud protection or ban your account in a day after the bank states it was fraudulent? Be patient my friend.

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