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[To NCsoft] Throw us european players some bone, a lot of EU players are migrating to classic club


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As I mentioned in one of my previous comments, it might not look like a serious problem at a first glance when you look at the server status and see almost 14k online, but the problem is - this isn't 14 thousand active players. I dare to say over half of these players are either bots, boxes or afkers. It's not hard to come to this conclusion - when you visit the spots with important mobs, you often encounter a groups of even 50 or more people, but when you examinate their behaviour/movements closely, you find out that most of these people are either on some kind of macro or are even botting. You don't really find many people who would communicate with you.

The problem is, that while these boxes and bots occupy the server slots, the real players are stuck on the login screen. And when you get kicked 3 times in a row and you waste 1 hour of your free time just trying to get into the game, you start looking for other options. This might not be issue for NA players since they don't have any good alternatives, but for EU players it's hard to look for reasons to choose this server over classic club - not only that you don't surrend your login positions to VIPs, bots and boxes, they also have OFF files on patch 2.0, there's close to zero P2W and most importantly - you don't have to pay monthly fees for WTFast/battleping to get a reasonable ping.

I believe the solution is quite simple:


A lot of other problems can be dealt with over time, but this is absolutely the most essential thing for EU players right now. Having to decide between having an annoying ping and having to pay monthly fees completely defeats the purpose of playing on a free server, especially with all the P2W going around. Please consider this! @Juji @Hime 

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5 hours ago, SmileyCyrus said:


Been there, done that. Lots of people going there will quit in no time too. It may be the 'best' private trash out there, but it's still private trash. 
That being said, with the current issues, this is trash aswell.

But that's the problem, you either play trash with 150 ping or you play trash with 20 ping, there isn't really much more on the weight scales one way or another :/

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