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Vendor and fishing


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I know that L2 is unique in many ways, but the server is going through many login problems and super concentrated population and due to this, it's past the time of the NCSoft team to make an AH (Action House) system, there are many character useless log in server, plus several players with more than 1 character playing and occupying space of another player.

The issue of fishing and having more afk people fishing than actually playing is a very serious problem, I have no idea how to solve it and you should give priority to this problem.

Sellers and fishermen are bigger than players, how does anyone accept such a system?

This works with paid account system, free to play is another story ...

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1. No, the auction house was removed for very specific reasons. My favorite is simple so it feels like old l2 classic. But the best reason is simply so bots and other applications cannot monitor and out buy you on every good item. 

2. Boxes are a thing in l2, just get over it. You are not going to change how everyone plays the game, and has always played the game. They limited it to 3 per person and I think that was great. 

3. The amount of afk fishers is about to drop dramatically. This is due to the 10 day fishing pole quest, the poles will start to expire soon and people will have to buy them with adena. 

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Box was to be paid, as it always was in the early days, f2p does not work, especially for those who have more than one pc, as I have seen in Abandoned Camp, 1 Spoiler + 2 buffers + 1 tank + 2 DD ... 1 player playing with the spoiler and some kind of bot making the other 5 follow it and attack the same target.

Fishing rod is not a problem, do 6 times the Dark Elf City mission and you already have a stick, and you can leave your character all day occupying a space that a real players could be using.

Action House is extremely necessary, I do not see what negative reason it would have inside the game, it would only eliminate "players" who are not there.
It is easy to find players selling 1 product for 999,999,999 adena as an iron ore and are there simply by taking up space.
This would add to an afk system, you would be disconnected because you are not doing anything and someone else can play.
Easy like that, we do not need inefficient means just because the game was created that way.

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