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Drop chance/market economy


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Dear support and fellow l2'ers,


Just back from yet another of my epic long breaks. So here I am, and met by the same issues that I do every time I come back.


1) Market economy solely fueled by L2store.


2) Drop chance so low on hunting spots, that if I really want a drop, I can drop an item on the ground and pick it up. That will be the only drop I get after 4-5 hours of grind.


When will you at NCSoft change the drop chances? And I don't mean lowering them, so you can sell more drop-runes in l2store. Excuse my sarcasm. But seriously guys,....



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I had though some CM/GM had once said on the old forums that the drop tables were SLOWLY increasing or at least they were thinking on doing something like that.  

If that was the case and I'm not in some weird fantasyland, I'm sure not seeing it.  I don't even remember the last time I got or saw a drop in open field pve (years at least), and it's been months since I've seen any crafting pack from instances like Baylor.

If I can find that old post I'll link it, more just for my own sanity check.

Edit: Found it from Juji 2015: http://boards.lineage2.com/showthread.php?t=286982

"The Adena drop rate was reduced in the Lindvior update two years ago to curb RMT farming Adena. If we had the detection tools that we have now, that decision probably would not have been made. We have been increasing the drop rate slowly back to the original rate with each new update. It is not quite to where it should be in certain areas, but we are making improvements to places that are harder to automate."

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Right after Grand Crusade Launch I got a Seraph Earring drop in Seal of Shillien(I was amazed... it had been years since my last decent drop) Reset Dual Class just before Salvation and I got Requiem Caster Drop in Altar of Evil just a few days after update ... I've used up my luck till 2020!!

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