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Dear administrators;

The community of players has faced great problems caused by the queue, having discouraged many players to play in Classic NA.

In order to minimize this problem I would like to leave here two suggestions:

1º Temporary disabling of the fishing system;

Reason: I believe that a significant part of the players that meet online, are referring to players who are AFK via fishing system. In this way, temporary disabling of this function would not disrupt the server's gameplay and would open up more space for players who are actually playing.

2º Reduction from 3 to 2 boxes;

Reason: I believe that this reduction would also help the community because a lot of users who use 03 boxes, or leave some AFK or are bots that try to maximize their profit by playing with the maximum of accounts.

I would like to hear from the community and NCSOFT about the suggestions given above.
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It's not possible to limit multi-boxing. People use different emails, and can even give out different IPs. You can't block them.

The correct answer here is not to disable any systems like fishing, but to let people move accounts to new servers, and keep their VIP/items with them, and increase server capacity.

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You don't need to disable any systems or even limitate boxes. Just insert a captcha in game every a hour. If the player don't answers the code, disconnect him.
This will solve both problems, players who fish for days and players who use the macro's system for level up multi characters.

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