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QUESTION: Possible solution for ppl that have buy pack or NCoin and are yet VIP 0

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Perhaps a solution for queue... VIP Status work on all account?


- I cannot login Giran for Queue 1500+

- I buy NC, log in on Naia (few ppl atm) and I use enouhg NCcoin for acquire VIP Status

- Can that VIP Statur work on all char ion my account? the Giran's char too?

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Can the GM Crew care the players that already buy a pack but cannot log in game for use it (and acquire VIP status for dont have an insane queue)?

I am loosing days, i am loosing event, i am loosing fun, i am loosing possibility for to play with freinds.

Can some GM help me? Need to made a support ticket for that? Thank you



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