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Disconnected in the middle of a raid boss


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Really NCSOFT? I am being active and you f*** me up like this? instead of killing all the idle fishing account you disconnect the active players? I am not the only one with this problem, do you even care? in the middle of a raid boss!! In the middle of a f***ing raid boss!!!! That's no way to treat your good costumers.

You need to solve this problem ASAP or otherwise I will ask PayPal for a refund of what I spent on my account.

Queued 167!!!! Being VIP and disconnecting me when I was playing actively!!! SURE you make things good... hire some good programmers or at least pay for a decent data center

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5 minutes ago, Ouch said:

lets have a moment of silence for lechera even tho his been playing this whole time wile some of us havent been able to log in in 3 days

Well, I log in at 6 a.m., when queue is little or none, I do my job to stay connected

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