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Weapon Casting Speed / Type


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6 hours ago, Zault said:

A few questions:

Does a weapon being a one-handed or two-handed matter for cast speed?

If so, does the two-handed weapon spells hit harder?

Last, which is better for PvP as a SpellHowler?

Base cast speed is constant. Your weapon (or being weaponless) does not affect the cast speed (of course, unless a weapon has a SA/aug/enchant effect that increases casting speed).

All that matters is the M. Atk. of the weapon: the higher the M. Atk., the more damage/healing you do.

For PvP you might want to consider a shield (idk if sigils exist in classic atm); while not too good in mass PvP (SH dies too quickly), a shield can be a lifesaver in 1v1 situations (or when facing several lower level opponents) versus the extra M. Atk. of a two-handed magic weapon.

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