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Make Launch Packs Permanent


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So ..no one at NcSoft could of possible thing that this L2 Classic will be this huge of a success :D

People throwing money at NcSoft like crazy! Nice, that means we will keep this game clean from them to throw P2W items in the cash-shop. At least for a big while.

My advice for NcSoft? KEEP THOSE LAUNCH PACKS ON. I mean, make them permanent. In this way , new players can purchase it when they start playing here and/or old ones, when they want to make a second/third box and want to level faster. Your in-game prices for 7 Days 50% XP Rune is very high and you'll lose big money if you do not make those Launch Pack Permanent!

I would even go more, and add another Pack , a Monthly Pack , more like a Subscription , where you pay 15$ a month and have the same benefits from the Launch Packs, except the goods ( XP and Buff scrolls, Potions, etc ). The 15$ difference from Launch Packs and Monthly Packs will stay in the x30 xp/buff scrolls, x300 healing potions , and the sweet accessories. You can, yes, add even more goodies for the Launch pack. No worries, we will not cry , since this means you will attract new players and/or make the ones who does not already have a Launch Pack, to actually (maybe) wants to purchase it.

So, Monthly Pack : 30 Days - 50% XP Rune , Daily Gift Bonus, and it keeps your VIP at level 3 = 15$/Month. That means players still needs to make in-game-shop purchases to go to VIP4 if they want to = More Revenues for you!

Don't make the same mistake as you did on Live, with high prices on XP Runes and such. One can easily pay 15$ month for the above, but paying 1700 or 2k NCoins for x1 - 7 Days 50% XP Rune is .. bad. This means you will gather to Whales in the long run , same as you did with Live, and you will "throw" free and normal people away.

So , don't get greedy NcSoft. This is YOUR and OUR baby!

The moment I will see P2W added in the cash-shop, i'll /quit for good, exactly as I did in Live.

Common sense, NcSoft, please!


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