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[GIRAN] SPQR , Non CP clan International


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Hello,we are recruting people for clan "SPQR" which is playing on giran gmt +1. Usually we play 18-22,our age is between 22-31 so we are looking for somebody above 18+. We are chill guys,some of us Netherlands,Bulgarians,Slovak. We are recruting now mainly 25 lvl + SK/DA/Bishop/EE/SE/spoil = all mains,just be friendly,chill and helpful like all of us. We have enough DDs Currently. We are using Discord.


If somebody is interested or want more info PM on discord : Atreanox#8559



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6 minutes ago, Kabala said:

For how long have you been using the SPQR name for your clan?

I remember this was a L2 Romanian clan like .. 10 years ago. Any connections with it ?

Hi,we were using that name for 5 years on many games like world of warcraft,few lineage servers,aion etc. We dont have any connections with Romanian clan "SPQR". 

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