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Is it worth selling something straight into the NPC?


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Currently there is a lot of useless item, which apparently does not sell and has a minimum value in AH! (EX: Materials, fragments of armor)

Today everything is in the House of Millions, Billions and item to sell at 50k occupying one of the 10 slots of the AH, I was told that it is good to sell to NPCs, which compensates more (But the sale price varies from store to store, where it compensates more or having to be tested or found one at a time).

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- anything under r99 you can chuck in a tax free npc

- some armor parts for r99 are worth crafting and overenchanting (if you got the skillz)

- of r99 weapons in demand weapon parts are worth reselling/crafting, rest you can chuck

- all basic crafting stuff you can just npc if you don't craft (lvl 4 & 5 you might be able to sell to ppl crafting dragon weapons)


dac all

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