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Guide: Etina Raid


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In the final act, Etis Van Etina has obtained the power of the Seven Signs, and is now a god walking among us. Heroes must challenge Etis Van Etina, and bring about our salvation.


All servers can participate in the Etina Raid, and players will be able to experience a special system where bosses appearing on each server change according to the siege progression.

There is currently a known issue that Chronos Server raid takes place 3 hours later than Naia/Freya.


Entry Condition


# of Players



Lv 103+

1 raid party with 35 to 120 players

The week of the victory of Keucereus Base defense, on Saturday 21:00 to Sunday 24:00 Server Time

·       The server that has succeeded in Keucereus alliance raid base defense

·       Raid members of a Blackbird Clan or Royal Guard Faction Lv4 and above


When Etina Raid is available, you can enter Etina Great Temple through Erda.



Etina Raid is divided into two parts—a Siege on the exterior of the Temple, and a Raid within. All servers can participate in the Raid, and the first server that defeats the Royal Guard Captain at the temple entrance will be the main server, with the servers that follow acting as support servers. The Raid will only continue if the temple gate is opened within the time limit.


Etina Temple Exterior


Etina Temple Interior




Defeat the Temple Guardian outside of the temple and open the gate

Defeat Etis van Etina
(main server)

Defeat Kain Van Halter (support server)

Time Limit


90min(entire server)

90min (main server)

90min (support server)



1 Command Channel (35~120 players)

Server that opens the Etina Temple gate


Etina Temple Exterior Siege

The 90-minute timer starts when players enter the Etina Temple by speaking with the Keucereus agent in the Keucereus raid alliance base. The timer will start regardless of the number of players who actually enter.

When the timer starts, players may start the temple exterior siege against the Defending Army, making their way toward the Temple Guardian standing in their way. Once the Temple Guardian is defeated, the outer castle gate will open, and the exterior siege ends.

The first server to defeat the Temple Guardian will be designated as the main server, and will proceed to fight Etis van Etina. The remaining servers in the Raid will proceed to face Kain Van Halter.


Etina Temple Interior Raid

After being the first server to defeat the Temple Guardian, the main server will proceed to battle against Etis van Etina. The other support servers will continue on to battle Kain Van Halter. Both raids have a 90 minute time limit.

The phases of the Etis Van Etina raid changes depending on the HP of the boss. The Seven Signs’ Seal is activated during each phase and various debuff effects will be occur. If the Seven Signs’ Seal debuffs cannot be defended effectively, the raid will becoming increasingly more difficult. It’s important to identify the effects of each Sign Signs’ Seal.


Seven Signs

Seal Color


Seal Effect


Seal of Gnosis



For 30 seconds, monsters will attack one member of the raid party.

Seal of Strife



For 30 seconds, a damage-over-time effect will be cast on one member of the raid. If the affected player dies due to this effect, a powerful AOE spell will be inflicted.

Seal of Avarice



For 30 seconds, attack power, M.power, attack speed, and casting speed increase by 50% for the top 3 players in enmity rank, and also increases the enmity generation by 100%. Even after the effect ends, if the same players remain at the top 3 emnity rank, they will die immediately.

Seal of Punishment



Mana Burn damage is applied to all Healer class players. Skill casting speed is reduced by 50%. When using recovery skill, player will receive significant physical damage.

Seal of Awakening



Increases Mana consumption of all skills by 2x for 30 seconds for all raid members. Attack speed and casting speed is also reduced by 30%.

Seal of Calamity



5 Chaos Cyclones appear randomly on the battlefield for 30 seconds, dragging various players into its range inflicting significant damage.

Seal of Destruction



For 1 minute, End of Darkness occurs throughout the entire temple area inflicting damage to all party members at certain intervals. When the effect ends, a random player who has more than 50% health has 33% chance to be instantly killed.



Once Etis van Etina is defeated, a Savior’s Blessing Buff will be granted to the main server. The supporting servers will also receive the buff if they’re able to defeat Kain Van Halter. Players can obtain various rewards such as Dark Amaranthine Enhancement Stone, or Bloody Amaranthine Enhancement Stone, after the successful completion of the Etina Raid.

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