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WEB Lineage Dashboard


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In lineage 2 there are so many data from which it would be possible to create cool statistics and cool graphics.

The coolest thing in my opinion would be the creation of a dashboard with a review of all the seated merchants, and a review showing who sells this or that thing, in which particular city he is sitting, his nickname so that you can find it by /target nickname. Also different statistics on castles, fortresses, etc. Who owns them, when the siege is, a history of conquests etc. Statistics on the heroes.



Its could be Character Dashboard :D:D 


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This is what already exists in Korea, and this is what you may get if Juji one day is in an expansive mood:



I personally don't think this would be a good idea. The game is buggy and lagged out anyway - we don't need additional gimmicks making things more complicated and the game even more bug-prone.

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