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THNX NCsoft support team


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I ask, proof of usisng 3rd programs, video, few ss, normal proof. GEt ignored with. I ask money  back I got ignored, Because i played just few days.

"""" It seems like you did not received our previous response. Moving forward, it appears that your account was caught associated to the usage of 3rd Party Program. With that said, your account was sanctioned for account closure, and the sanction will not be removed and the penalty will stand."""

SOme  friends get locked acc,  get disame answer,  but  they have another problem, after maintance

I think they using bot to answer to letter, that mean  they  sort of people, and jsut wanna  make money.


THNX  all NCsoft  team u was not ready for this amount  of people.  SOme of your team didn't have  good skill. To answer and make investigation and show proof.  Just lazy.

Goodluck all of u.

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1 hour ago, Nothof said:

You guys with weird nicknames never fool me! You got reported, didn't filled the captcha, BOOM banned. I just don't understand why people with bots or mediocre automated system, after exposed, cry all over the forums.

 Agag i   wish it was captcha, BUt nope :) keep quite if u hater, i just  telling is some many mistake  they doing be launched server.

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