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Melee CP looking for another member or two


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Adult players looking for one or two more mature players.Goal is to level up and gear up. More details about CP in game chat: pm sen7inel or Jakarta, or send a private message here please.

You could be either Warrior, Knight, Assasin, Scout, Rogue (exluding bow rogues),RaiderMonk, future Warlock or Phantom Summoner. We can add one more box or player as we go mainly buffer/healer.

We are using discord which is a must. We do not mind if you don't speak english perfectly.

Game approach is to play as much as possible without becoming socially deviated and going for one more buff round rather than taking a shower or eating when we should.

Gmt range is 0 to +2, evening and weekends depending but not restricted by real life events. We can choose depending on situation.





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