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Help a fellow player say goodbye to Chronos for once and for all as he transitions to Naia & Talking Island!!!. 

Assorted items:

Consumables buy specific items or buy it all for 5b!!:

Aria's Life Stone 31 Pcs

Air Stones 300,000 Pcs

Blessed High Grade Lucky Enchant Stone Armor (R-grade) 10 Pcs

Blessed High Grade Lucky Enchant Stone Weapon (R-Grade) 23 Pcs

Codex Chapt. 1 Superior Discipline Codex 1 Pc

Codex Discipline 6 pcs

Con Chilli Stew 733 Pcs

Con Cream Stew 779 Pcs

Dark Eternal Stone Frag 1 pc

Demonic Tome 85 pcs

Dex Chilli Stew 457 Pcs

Dex Cream Stew 530 Pcs

Emperor's Dessert (Attack) 3 Pcs

Freya CHA Pot (Cat) 9 Pcs

Freya CHA Pot (Panda) 35 Pcs

Freya's Recovery Potion 54 Pcs

High Grade Lucky Enchant Stone (R - Grade) 1

Int Chilli Stew 168 Pcs

Int Cream Stew 194 Pcs

Kaliel Annihilation 5 pcs

Kaliel Hellfire 4 pcs

Mochi 3 pcs

Rune of Feather 2 pcs

Scroll Blessing Armor R Grade 13 pcs

Radiant Frag 30 pcs

Str Chilli Stew  355 Pcs

Str Cream Stew 333 Pcs

Wit Chilli Stew  742 Pcs

Wit Cream Stew 777 Pcs

This is more than 5k stews and other various items!, if you buy the pack and you will get free: 6 Pieces fisherman’s blessing, 1 piece Fancy Fishing Rod and 1 L55 Dragon Buggle No Name + 1 surprise item!!!!.

Other items sold separately (not part of the pack):

Entrance Pass Embryo 53 Pcs

Minion Coupon 5 hr 30 Pcs

Wit +5 Cha +5 5 Pcs

XP Rune IV 100% 7 Day 1-99 1 pc

Eva's Circlet Pack 3 Day 10 pcs

Expertise Rune R99 2 pcs

Leg Cha Dye Pack 1 pcs

Jewels and unsealed items (U seal)

250m per piece:

Amethyst Level 3, 1 pc

Cat's Eye Level 4, 1 pc

Diamond Level 3, 2 pcs

Emerald Level 3, 2 Pcs

Opal Level 3, 1 Pc

Pearl Level 2, 1 Pc

Ruby Level 3, 1 Pc

1.5b per piece:

Longing Talisman, 2 Pcs

2b per piece:

Pearl Level 4

OR buy the whole lot for 4b!!!!!


+12 Blessed Specter Fighter Speed 3SA Fire 7 MP Fire 7 Tyrr FE Icarus Hand App

+12 Blessed Specter Thrower 2SA Fire/speed Fire 6 FE

+6 Blessed TW LA Set FE Military App

+8 Blessed Seraph LA Set FE Military App

Abundance Tali L1, 2 pcs

Anakim Tali 1 pc

Baium Soul Ring +5 1 pc

Blessed Freya Neck 1 pc

Blessed Zaken Earring 1 Pc 

Cha + Patk Racoon Ears 1 Pc

Earth Wyrm Ring +6 1 pc

Frint Soul Neck +4 1 Pc

Lilith Tali 1 Pc

Octavis Ring Warrior +6 1 Pc

Octavis Shirt +4 1 Pc

Orfen Soul Earring 1 Pc

Orfen Soul Earring +6 1 Pc

Pvp Belt (Magic Ornament) 1 Pc

Pvp Belt (Special Ornament)  1 Pc

Tauti's Bracelet 1 Pc

Venir's Tali Level 10 1 Pc

Venir's Tali Level 14 1 Pc

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