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Year 1ac : The First Summit of Lords : Aden Active Lore


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“There are many moments in a clan lord’s reign that cause them to question the decisions they’ve made. As I stared at the naked dwarf wearing only a top hat dancing before me moments before the Summit of Lord’s was to take place I believe I may have experienced this sensation….” ~ Legendary Lord Punish

The Church of Gludio

It had taken a week of planning, talking to various people and getting the word out. The citizenry of Aden had come ALIVE suddenly as if from a long slumber, the Humans ships had started to sail from Talking Island again and the streets of Gludio were busy as ever! Something truly amazing had occurred as the land of Aden suddenly felt brand new, everyone was talking about it.
I’d been here before… or at least I think I had, the land of Aden was somehow new and yet old and familiar to me all at once. As I took in the sight of Castle of Gludio through the north gate a rush of adrenaline coursed through dark elven veins… There it was, the seat of power, will to power in all forms. Some clan would own that castle someday, they would tax the lands and be the Lord of Gludio or some other province…. This was now, but hadn’t this already “been” before? 

“Have I been there before?” Punish muttered to himself, the dreams or memories as they were, were still confusing but the vision of a throne room descending into absolute chaos was vividly real. Multiple factions having battled through the castle steward’s protectors turning on each other at the last moment as a single Lord of Aden engraves his seal upon the throne…
“It will never get old.” Punish stated definitively as a mischievous smirk plied across his face. 
The first order of business was simple in the young Lords mind. Find the other lords that want inside that throne room and start making deals. And it was so, the first Summit of Lords would take place this Saturday, October 20th at a designated time, before the gate games, adena farmer wars, and the constant teleports ruled the young lords life, he would seek out the other ambitious Lords of Aden and start building diplomatic ties with them. 

So the young lord planned and spread the word that any Lord of Aden interested in working toward mutual ambitions come to the Church of Gludio. After all, large endeavors require collaboration and compromise to be successful, taking a castle and putting it into play is an extremely large endeavor! As the word spread throughout the kingdom, the Legendary Lord was met with the usual assortment of personality traits he had become accustomed too, some Lords would meet the opportunity with open arms and hold some enthusiasm for its outcome, while others would demand to know under what authority the Lord had to call such a meeting in the first place….

The young lord shook his head… “Authority?… authority is derived from asking to be trusted and delivering results by example.” Punish chuckled to himself perplexed as he replied to each lord that had somehow became incensed by his simple request to meet with and possibly fight for in the future… The land of Aden can mess with your head if you’re not careful. 
Others yet still, deliberately cast doubts on the entire affair…. 
“What gives you the right?” one would say.
“You should have selected Giran to avoid the currency sellers” another would taunt.
“None of the clan lords that are 40+ will spend 30K to teleport back to Gludio for your stupid summit!” yet another would discourage.
“They are simply worried about autonomy, most lords are lords for the simple reason they don’t want to be told by anyone what they need to be doing….” Punish mused to his LegendaryKnight. “Even still, it is better to do something than nothing”. 

Standing there waiting the Legendary Lord Punish began to dream of the future castle sieges, treaties and alliance members he stood to meet, the land of Aden was a wonderful place full of adventure, conflict and …. Naked dwarves…

“What the?” Punish stated in bewilderment the moment the dwarf entered the church. His name was Bullshift, standing all of 3 ½ feet tall (4 ½ with his top hat), completely naked before the young lord. “Can I help you?” asked Punish. “Where’s the party?” Bullshift asked of Punish. “It hasn’t started yet” Punish replied. 

“Oh yes it did, I AM the party!” exclaimed Bullshift, just as the rotund, happy dwarf burst into his native dance moves… 

The Legendary Lord knowingly nodded to himself, of course, something like this was bound to happen. There will always be drunken naked dwarves in top hats that randomly show up to dance naked at your high-level clan lord summit that you arduously plan on having in your epic video game…..
As the formal wearing naked dwarf started his seductive dance, the random citizens already in the church on official quest business took notice and decided if dwarves can dance naked in holy places of worship they could do so too! The Legendary Lord completely helpless could only watch as a half-dozen of Aden’s citizens stripped before him and began moving their bodies in sync with the drunken artisan. 

Checking his watch Punish could see the Clan Lord Summit was officially to start and all that was in attendance was a group of naked dancing Aden Citizens… 
Defeat... Failure… They said it wouldn’t work… Why even try? The young lord looked upon the group, naked, dancing, enjoying themselves…. It looked like fun. Watching the group, the lord was reminded why he chooses to travel these lands, why he wakes up each day to challenge the realm of Aden. In the end, the thrones will change, lords will rise and fall, clans will be born and will die. 

Each moment within Aden will give you opportunities to create memories that you can either forget or cherish, you are the author of your own legend. “Every Clan Lord Summit wouldn’t be complete without a drunken dance orgy!” exclaimed Punish as he began to remove his bone armor to join in the festivities. To his credit trying to make the most of a situation, the young lord began to accept the summit of lords may simply end up being known as the drunken orgy that occurred in the Church of Gludio…

“Why is everyone naked?” stated the phantom ranger standing at attention. “Oh, everyone just started taking off their clothes” answered Punish looking up from the mass of writing flesh to meet the gaze of the steely dark elf. Instantly the lord could tell something was different with the soldier standing before him. “It’s nice to meet you, Demised are you here for the clan summit?” Punish asked. “Yes, I’m First Officer of Clan Avalon, my Lord Ambrosia is unavailable and has asked me to attend” Demised replied professionally. Having been distracted by the group of naked people the Legendary Lord snapped back to the task at hand just as another human warrior entered the Church. 

“I am Rinek Clan Lord of Carebears, who is presiding over this meeting?” Rinek expressed to the group. “I called the summit but as far as any order is concerned, I have no process,” answered Punish. “I’m Maxim from Clan Demonseed” interjected another Human in moonstone armor. “It’s fantastic to meet you Maxim!” gushed Punish. “I know” replied Maxim, with just enough of playful cockiness to make it funny. “Demondseed is led by Lord LaunchPad”

Punish having just finished putting his pants back on turns to find even more lords have arrived. “BargainPrices, with SerialKillers here” added another dwarf. “Aye, Continuum is here also representing” cheered SumTingWong.  

And it was so, Six Clan Lords representing six factions in the land of Aden met and discussed their vision for the realms future. They spoke for some time and created a meeting place to discuss strategy and the possibility of a coalition. 

"Demised what level are you?" asked Punish. "I'm 44+" replied the Phantom Ranger. 
Punish smiled, 

Thanks to all that attended. 




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