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Banned for using... WAIT, WHAT?????


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Recently, I get banned for ... (I HAVE NO IDEA, because if some GM, or whatever, look at my account, they will find NOTHING stranger). And all what I do while I play, IS PLAYING, or playing with my friend GonisX (It's a prohibition to give party to someone or what???).

It's ANNOYING. I'm a noob lvl 87, playing after 3 weeks or something like that. My bro GonisX, less than me, he is 85 with just created the DUAL. This should be a BIG JOKE if you are saying me what you say me... BOOTING? EXPLOITATION? WHAT???

This is really sad. I dedicated a big time playing. Reminding old times, and enjoying the game... and you come and say me this...


---------------------->  We prohibit use or possession of software that can be used with a game client, which enables:
automated gameplay - unattended or attended gameplay where decisions are made or actions taken for the user;
exploitation - abuse of bugs or unintended gameplay to gain benefits beyond what it intended for all users; or
software modification - altering the client or altering or monitoring communication between the client and server, including cosmetic changes only visible to the user.


NCSOFT Support Team  <--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What a joke.                                                                                                        


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You are not the only one buddy... be strong and do not give up...

Probably XingCode3 is giving them errors and they don't know how to handle. 

All real bots and scammers are running free in all servers and legit innocent players are getting banned for no reason!


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Thank you man, your post makes more sense than every word they said me. So, probably I have get a "FINAL WARNING" because of a automatical system, and it don't let me help any friend (with a different IP EVERY TIME)... NICE GAME.
Lucky my brother GonisX, he wasn't banned. Sometimes I helped him to rush the last quests or the lvl 84, you know? I'm a Sigel Eva Templar, so I can do power farming easily... But if I'm there, and he is there, EVER, why? I not even know how to use macros yet, It's ridiculous.

Thank you anyway bro. See you there!

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@Pecda You are welcome and I wish good luck in your quest for justice. Unfortunately some people can't understand the frustration, until it happens to them.


57 minutes ago, Spirrow said:

stop speaking shit

@Spirrow The only one talking shit.. is you... so watch your language and be useful.


58 minutes ago, Spirrow said:

you're practically using something irregular

@Spirrow You are wrong again.  As it seems, a lot of  innocent  players  have been banned lately.


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Dude, I do not stop talking about shit,
For in reality "many innocent players are affected," let that person create + 3 accounts in less than 30 minutes and are affected leave the hand, behind all this always have something solve this in a ticket and have it analyzed everything.
and good luck in your youthful innocence ....

People make their own pit and blame ncsoft for it.......

will create it + 10 accounts in less than 30 minutes,
use some illegal program and then come to the forum "GM my account was banned because? I did nothing and blah blah blah ......

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@Spirrow  A cheater will move on, like you said.  For a wrongly accused legit high level player, is not the same.

Try to understand of those that have been unjustly affected, all the time spent, all the effort and at the end to accept the highest penalty; all for nothing.

When you are innocent... that can be devastating.  And it hurts your feelings to be called cheater... when you are not. 

We can't be sure if  "Pecda"  or anyone else is telling the truth.  What I hope for, is that we all know... that we shouldn't be prejudiced.

Lastly, having my own unfortunate experience with NCsoft support (tickets)... all I have to say is that as customers we deserve much better.

Thank you and good luck to you too...



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I would love to invite everyone to know me better, in game or out game. I play a lot of games, and I enjoy to PLAY, THE REAL PLAY. I have been playing Lineage 2  since my 11/12, my age actually is 26. 14 years playing in differents servers, like Gravity Zero, MMORPG (Ares, Venus, Fenix), Lindvior, Saggitarius... And the love for this game never ends. The Lineage 2 was for me the first videogame making me feel like in a another fantastic world. Not MU, not Diablo, not AoE, not CS, not LoL (I'm actually player), not GTA.
 They said me I am using 3rd party software because I helped to my sister-in-law's boyfriend (GonisX) to rush some quest/leveling up. I got more time to play than him, that's because I grew up first. BUT ALWAYS PLAYING, not software between, and we have different IP's, everytime. I didn't use his account or something like 2 accounts at the time. Why I get banned?

Add me as friend if you want (in Chronos server), and take a look to my character or to GonisX, after that, come to me and say me cheater.

Thank you for understanding @Eumache. I appreciate it!

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