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I'm pretty new in the game (played years and years ago so I'm familiar of how the game works, just not the status or combinations). And I'm joining with a friend. We really do not care about what to play, but we want to have fun in L2, our idea was to make a duo with SE + Nuker/Summoner but I've been investigating more and I found some other combinations, although I have no clue if they are viable/fun or not. The main goal is to be able to form parties quick for exp or duo in an acceptable pace (we don't need to be the best duo combi but also not be screwed if we don't find a party). 

My ideas were the following:

Tank+support: No idea which tank or support would be the best fitting, but this probably is the best to build groups as tanks and buffers are the base for it right? If so, which classes would fit best?

Double support: SE+PP/WC provides nearly all the buffs in the game, either melee parties or nuker parties will love us, my doubts here are if this is a usual thing or not, I don't know if parties usually use only one or two supports. 

Melee duo: BD/tank+dagger? I'm really curious about playing a dagger guy, dunno the state of the game, but I probably would like to play the fastest moving dagger guy, if so, what would be best with a dagger?

Mage + melee probably doesn't work as we do not have buffs or battery...

In the case of the supports, which ones are the ones that are usually most wanted? I see a lot of people saying that there are a lot of SE and EE, but don't see people complaining about PP, although WC are also nearly inexistent right?

Any kind soulthat can elaborate a bit in answers? I have no clue about the current status of the game or how parties work mostly...

Thanks, everyone that comes by and answers! Love for all :D

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If you are not very much into PvP, any warrior class (Human or Orc) with SE would do. Warlord and EE is a good combo as well.

Tank... a faster running one and/or one that has Hex. Which means SK. Add an SE for Stigma.

Playing a live buffer is boring. People play live support for heals and crowd control. That's why live PPs are uncommon.

If you are really into parties, you can start making parties with whatever characters you have. Keep your friendlist filled with people that are good at partying with you.

Nuker + SE (or EE) is a great dualbox, but not exciting to play as a live duo.

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