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  1. Define "stronger". With expensive weapon and using shots, Destro will level much faster than DA. On a budget, they will be close. Both will level slower than ranged classes, though. I powerleveled my Destro with my nuker.
  2. Then you are playing a wrong game, sorry. Not enough noobs in this game to form a party, and the rest will outlevel you in no time when they start a new char.
  3. Destro uses two-handed sword, two-handed blunt or polearm. However, there are not a lot of destros in game that use polearms. "For fun and relax", I don't think the difference is that big.
  4. If you want to play a buffer, you already have two. Now, what DD do you have in your party? Bear in mind that it's quite easy to reach p.crit rate 400 on a sword with just Othell's Focus SA, with no buffs at all. Having SwS songs is nice, but not a necessity if you plan to play with only 3 chars.
  5. Depending on your definition of "fun", Dark Avenger might be one.
  6. I don't need to "try it", I used to have a Dreadnought sub pre-GoD. I don't see the areas on the current Classic server where having a 360 degree pole AoE attack would be a beneficial addition to the gameplay. So, please be more specific.
  7. Why do you say "of course yes" if you don't understand the logic? I understand that you want me to lose my time on selling your crap, without being compensated by you for doing it. What is "ununderstandable" in it?
  8. Of course not. If I want to sell some random crap and get adena to buy shots, what I want to get is adena to buy shots, not another piece of random crap to sell.
  9. In which areas on the Classic map this skill would make a difference?
  10. When my tiny clan is the server's "8 Top" by clan exp, I wouldn't call such a server alive. Soon to be "5 Top", I guess.
  11. I think I made 1 billon adena on Aden Tour event rewards alone.
  12. You cannot realistically level a clan without running solo multi accounts in the game as it is now. There is actually a trick how you can run boxed alt clans and use them to farm exp points for your main clan.
  13. The clan exp rate is indeed ridiculous. Even if you manage to kill arena boss every week and have all 40 clan members in your raid channel, it will take you a year to level a clan from level 5 to level 6.
  14. Not getting coins on a level 40 char. Getting on 70+-level ones.
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