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  1. This New Clan System Sucks!

    You cannot realistically level a clan without running solo multi accounts in the game as it is now. There is actually a trick how you can run boxed alt clans and use them to farm exp points for your main clan.
  2. This New Clan System Sucks!

    The clan exp rate is indeed ridiculous. Even if you manage to kill arena boss every week and have all 40 clan members in your raid channel, it will take you a year to level a clan from level 5 to level 6.
  3. im not getting Orianna Coins

    Not getting coins on a level 40 char. Getting on 70+-level ones.
  4. There used to be a way to check in the clan UI which clannies are contributing today to the Clan Unity bonus of tomorrow (i.e. have been logged in for more than 30 minutes, even if they are currently logged out). In the new interface, not anymore?
  5. "Proof of Blood can be exchanged for a "Blood Crystal" through NPC Clan Appraiser Leo." I don't see such an item exchange at Leo. Someone forgot to turn it on?
  6. Is this really lineage 2 classic?

    Just to put things into perspective: You will need to kill a million of mobs to gather adena to unseal an A-grade set. But it's OK, you will need to kill a million of mobs (that drop adena) to gain XP to level from 79 and 00% to 80 and 00%, and you can do it in B-grade.
  7. Is this really lineage 2 classic?

    1. It's not the L2 you used to know. 2. It becomes hardcore after lvl 80. 3. Stay away.
  8. Spellhowler / Support

    Spellhowler is good for farm. MasterCard is good for PvP. Unless you max out on MP items, consider having 2 rechargers (not needed initially, but will be useful after 75). A second main doesn't really go well in a party with a Spellhowler, unless maybe it's a tank or your friend is masochistic enough to play support in Classic.
  9. I have a party of an Elemental Summoner and a Shillien Elder. When the Elder targets the in-party summon (Boxer, for example), and heals it with Heal or Greater Heal, the summon is not healed. Instead, the Elder itself is healed. Other targeted skills (Recharge, buffs) seem to work, as well as group heal. Is that intended?
  10. So no macro?

    Actually, not a single action with parameter works in the new automation. Not even /useskillstand
  11. Red Libra event: will those A- B- C- D- and nograde shots actually work?
  12. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    Played since C4 till GoD, returned to the very beginning of Classic, never bought a single adena in my life. Care to explain why I'm still seeing those bots?
  13. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    I wasn't home. I was on vacation. I've got some nice spellbooks, though. Chant of Vampire, CoM, DW, Hex, CDL... you name it. More than two of each, so I can share them with my clannies. Well, I'm not against whales per se, but I don't approve the company's approach to base a MMO on whaling. The game loses its first M then. L2 ("Classic" or whatever) used to be about all kinds of grind. XP grind, SP grind, adena grind etc., not just Mastercard grind. I personally complain about non-enforcement of the company's own rules (and poor handling of the game by NC West in general). I have nothing against automation, as long as it's legally allowed.
  14. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    I used to buyshop Metallic Fiber and sell it to the NPC when I had nothing more profitable to fill that buyshop slot. Still have a few millions of adena in it to recover before Wednesday. Are you going to buy those gazillions of Aquastone Ring Wires I currently have?
  15. Bots?

    Most of them use illegal automation (and it's "normal" in the sense that NC West can do nothing about it, short of closing the server). However, the NPC that gives you the Ruins of Agony quest also tells you how to use legal automation built into the game. So, you can create your own alts and run them there unattended, legally.