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  1. Pretty dirty fellas

    4200 gives you one special item. If you have 4 such items, you can make your bracelet permanent.
  2. 15th Anniversary Talisman -- gone

    I think, by default it shows you the brooch slots.
  3. Easily: Don't burn BSSB in CT. Burn SpSD (yes, non-blessed, an order of magnitude less expensive than BSSB) in HV. But of course some people don't want to farm adena or mats. They want to farm easy exp, knowing that they can always buy adena from bots.
  4. Spoil issue!?

    This is normal unless you know exactly what you want to spoil, and then it's normal too, unless you want to spoil relatively cheap base mats.
  5. Spoil issue!?

    Obviously, both. You have a Bounty Hunter level 50, but you are still asking such a basic question.
  6. There are 3 "talisman pocket" tabs that could be shown in that UI field: brooch, right bracelet, left bracelet. The 15th Anniversary Talisman is shown if you select the right bracelet tab. That's it.
  7. Increase buff duration

    Oh, and while we are at it, why not make leveling 1000 times faster and wipe the servers every couple of months?
  8. Increase buff duration

    Why not forever?
  9. Moonlight quest

    If you can leave a char fishing overnight (with the free 10-day fishing pole and 500 baits from the daily mission), getting 4k adena is not hard.
  10. The last cake did not disappear, it still had more than a half of HP at the moment of the server shutdown (5 minutes after the cake appeared). But the game was lag-free (you could target and move without a perceived lag).
  11. Assuming 4k bots per servers, 40 hours per week of work, it means that you need to ban 100 bots per hour without accidentally banning legit players. Are you sure you are that fast? Are you sure you will actually be able to ban 4k bots manually before quitting your unpaid "job"? And how fast do you think botters can create new botting accounts?
  12. Moonlight quest

    Just level another character to 20 on the same account and use Dimensional Merchant to transfer the set.
  13. And how many bots do you think you can ban per hour without false-positives and with proper evidence when the banned one complains?
  14. Not necessarily. The last (unfinished because of restart) cake on Giran was lag-free, although its HP was reducing quite fast. If the cake's reward doesn't attract so many bots, it won't be necessarily laggy.