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  1. 2 hours before the siege starts, you will get a siege widget in your L2 window. Your CL/officers can open a siege window from there and sign as attackers.
  2. It won't. You could save everyone's time by not posting it.
  3. I rememeber tanks were useful at the start of the game in mage AoE parties. Not anymore. Prepare to spend most of the game time solo (and likely AFK) no matter which class you pick, tank or no tank. So, probably DA.
  4. It looks like only damage dealers contribute to clan XP by leveling. Is that intended?
  5. Not getting L2 Coins in Wind Plateau anymore. Is that intended?
  6. The current Call of Clans event is giving some tradable items to sell on the market. As far as I know, its "Attribute Monster Hunt" daily can be done on any mobs that carry an elemental attribute (that should include Ant Nest).
  7. I think you can get something temporarily useful in Starter Package (free) from L2 Store. The newbie quests will help you level (but not automatically boost you) till about level 40. Then you are on your own.
  8. The progression quests in your level range in Classic are given by Bathis NPC in Gludio. However, they alone may not be enough to progress. You may need, you know, to kill the mobs for exp.
  9. The grind actually starts at level 80, but going 79 -> 80 already requires more XP than going 1 -> 79.
  10. Let me put it this way: the game is a redesign of the "original" L2 by someone who has never played support in the original L2. The general party structure is like this: you box all the classes you need for your party, write and fine-tune ingame macros for them, turn on auto-hunting (or equivalent macro) on your main assist char and go sleep. And it's the 100% legit way. No class is useful in PvP unless you are willing to pay thousands of dollars for p2w items. PvP is rare anyway. Bishop is useful in PvP if neither the Bishop nor the DD is 1-shot by the enemy. AoE hunting, while it's currently the best exp in the game in the top location with the top gear, is otherwise just a waste of time.
  11. There is no clan wars at all in the current version of the game. Good luck.
  12. "Classic", especially now, with auto-hunting, is not the real classic L2, but a different game with slightly different skillsets but a hugely different gameplay. You cannot transfer your characters there, and you shouldn't expect joining random parties there, especially on an SwS. Honestly, if I were you, I wouldn't bother joining. You won't like the game.
  13. Why would they? It's not a problem for them, it's a problem for the users of the game's own auto-hunting functionality.
  14. "The" buffer? L2 Coin shop, Shining Scroll of Mood Melody. You won't like this game.
  15. Define "stronger". With expensive weapon and using shots, Destro will level much faster than DA. On a budget, they will be close. Both will level slower than ranged classes, though. I powerleveled my Destro with my nuker.
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