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  1. Bots?

    Most of them use illegal automation (and it's "normal" in the sense that NC West can do nothing about it, short of closing the server). However, the NPC that gives you the Ruins of Agony quest also tells you how to use legal automation built into the game. So, you can create your own alts and run them there unattended, legally.
  2. dwarves loss of abilties?

    Your problem is that you necropost in a Classic thread.
  3. Lineage 2 : Unchained

    No. If it is not the content, nothing else will work. It's a game, not a job. Either you provide daily content interesting to currently boxed classes, or no one will play them as mains.
  4. Lineage 2 : Unchained

    If it's not "forced" by the game content itself, trying to "force" it by external means will just turn people away from the game.
  5. Cloaks

    I wonder if you have learned something today.
  6. Short Distance Auto Target won't keep your gazillion of bots fully buffed.
  7. Bot Party Everywhere

    Because L2 Classic is a money grab to NCsoft, with just enough human resources to support money flow from P2W events. For NCsoft, any dollar spent on policing low-level bots is a dollar lost.

    The community thinks that won't change. You can accept it, or you can quit, or you can continue to whine on the forums, but it won't change. NCsoft won't "take notice", they are doing it intentionally. But some people never learn

    Some people never learn
  10. Sneaky cloaks p2w l2store item

    https://www.lineage2.com/news/ancient-kingdom-cloaks-october-2019 Looks like NC West is too shy to post it here.
  11. Sneaky cloaks p2w l2store item

    The wording on the website suggest that the legendary cloaks are tradeable. But it's NCsoft, so you can never be sure.
  12. skill resets still possible

    You kill mobs and they spawn (not at each mob killed, though).
  13. High grade suede recipe

    There is no Skeleton Tracker in RoA anymore. So, only drop.
  14. TOI with no agro

    Yes, please.
  15. Do I understand correctly that when the event ends, all rice cakes (including the ones from daily missions) will be removed?