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    The community thinks that won't change. You can accept it, or you can quit, or you can continue to whine on the forums, but it won't change. NCsoft won't "take notice", they are doing it intentionally. But some people never learn

    Some people never learn
  3. Sneaky cloaks p2w l2store item

    https://www.lineage2.com/news/ancient-kingdom-cloaks-october-2019 Looks like NC West is too shy to post it here.
  4. Sneaky cloaks p2w l2store item

    The wording on the website suggest that the legendary cloaks are tradeable. But it's NCsoft, so you can never be sure.
  5. skill resets still possible

    You kill mobs and they spawn (not at each mob killed, though).
  6. High grade suede recipe

    There is no Skeleton Tracker in RoA anymore. So, only drop.
  7. TOI with no agro

    Yes, please.
  8. Do I understand correctly that when the event ends, all rice cakes (including the ones from daily missions) will be removed?
  9. And how do you think NC West will check that the "Personal ID Number" provided by you is legit?
  10. Where to get recipes

    I've gained like 5 levels on the spot with archers before the last update (so, mob XP only). Got 1 recipe. YMMV.
  11. Healer Macro// Fast Helping

    Don't use the auto-target window for your healer macro. Just put the macro on the normal 5x12 bar and right-click it.
  12. Try keeping the party members within 9 levels of each other.
  13. Isn't it a normal PvE drop penalty? What are the min and max levels of characters in your party?
  14. +4000 xp scrolls?

    You will get some SP scrolls with your 1nd and 2st class change, and higher-level mobs give more SP per kill. Levels 51+ are another story.
  15. Ray-Tracing Update?

    First time I heard about it in 1980s.