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Question about boxing - will it pay off


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Let mi tell you my situation. I have a main char warrior (going for warlord) and a boxed shlinen orace (going for SE obv.) and a boxed cleric (pp in the furure) all on 21 lvl. The questing and farming on 3 chars all at once was very well for me - right now I can afford a great spear (and all jevels, weps and armors from the quests). My question is will playing on 3 chars all at once will be pain in the a..? Or will it be profitable in the future (more buffs for the warlord, 2 healers, 2 resurectors). What do you guys think should I still play 3 chars in a party or drop for example pp and go wl + boxed se?


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The problem with me is that I have a family and I don't have time to play that much or I don't have constant daily hours to play. I thought that if I will have to play alone I have to make some buffers to play solo WL 40-50+ lvls. So maybe it would be better to make a BD or SWS insted of PP?

I don't regret lvling Cleric you play him like a mage + I lvled warrior till 21.

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