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Warlock vs Elemental Summoner


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in classic all class down mp fast -better is prepare your character for mele :) or mele-range mix.

60% debuff 30 %mele damage 10% magic Bss is one ruin .


opps edit for me Warlock

Edited by milene
request question
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the warlok is no exelent but good in evrything kay, the cat is stronger about patack , Binding Cubic is the strongest cubic in pvp at the moment and late on game when relase the queen cat at 77 is a great help the extra focus DW.

on another hand the elemental summoner is a strong pvp, class good casting, slef empower for pet but he will become a monster on pvp when NC relase the summon 77 aoe nuck is very powerfull , 1vs1 u can stun  

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