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Difference between 2 "XP/SP Runes (7-days)" for 2000 NCoins


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Hello there.

Within the L2 Shop there have been 2 similar XP/SP Rune Packs for 2000 NCoins:

"XP/SP Rune - 50% (7-day) Pack" [XP/SP increased by 50% while hunting for 7 days. Rune timer will continue to count down offline]

"XP/SP Rune Bundle (7-day)" [Contains a XP/Rune 7-day, 2nd Class Buffs and Major Warrior Healing Potions]

So, both "Packs" cost 2000 NCoins and support a player with 50% more XP/SP. The Bundle though "additionally" delivers 2nd Class Buffs and Major Healing Potions. Why do both Packs cost the same even though the Bundle delivers more and additional items?

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