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EK needs help


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Hi. I am lvl 29 EK. I am wondering where would be the best place to lvl up right now. I am mostly playing solo because it is hard to find pt ( i play without any boxes :)). I was thinking about cruma marshlands. Please throw at me some propositions with weak p.def mobs that might drop any kind of D grade weapons(for some profit maybe).
I will probably suffer solo play until lvl 40 (SWS) or even 49 (hunter song)

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At that lvl you can still kill eficiently Commanders at Abandoned Camp. Stay there till you see them light blue then move to Forgotten Temple. I suggest you to lvl up a cleric and now its the best moment since you have some extra boost from the Halloween event: 4h curse with + additional potions. If you plan solo you need a buffer my friend...


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Really try to find a PT, plenty are usually looking for a tank and you'll level so much faster that way.

If you want to continue solo though, get a cleric or other buffer.  True solo to 49 is going to be miserable and you're not going to get in groups as anything but a tank until then

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