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Please, urgent, they blocked my dwarf account for no reason.


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please, I have an archer 42, I sold my bow to buy a better one because I won a D grade gun in the halloween event and sold it, I was 2.8kk and I was trying to buy a light crosbow, how can I block my dwarf because he's sitting with adena and with the open shop selling shafts and blades on the grill? I was inside the city sitting and did not do anything wrong, my computer is clean, I made a post in the forum just that I am against bots and melt away my account? How am I going to spend the weekend without playing and no weapon in my archer? my archer has no weapon because the adena was in the dwarf, the dwarf's account also has my recharge that is level 28. My God, this is a tragedy for my weekend. you can not randomly punish players just because you have adena in inventory. My dwarf is level 21, plus my archer is 42.

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If you think the locking up of your account was unjustified, please send an email from the mail associated with your NCSOFT account to appeal@ncsoft.com

For privacy reasons, we cannot discuss these matters on the forums.

Thank you!

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Thank you very much, I sent the message to this email at the same time I took a critical error. and I still have not answered, I'm trying to understand why they did this to me, it's been 16 hours since I've been trying to get into my account to buy my bow so my archer can play. I'd like to know why they did this to me, some justification please. have a good day and thanks.

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