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This is how we all should play!?


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1st of all i already reported them using support center but nothing happend.

2nd I see them botting like few days, this T0rtank got lot of times debuff BOT but guess what? NOTHING!

3rd There is more groups botting like this in every common spot, how Admins can be so blind?

(Sry for low Quality but recording with my main resolution 1min file is like 3GB)


Always same schemat for attack etc, siting cuz low mana

I know that bot's are common think on ALL L2 servers but not common is that GM's are doing nothing!

Sry i will say this but i spend some money here and i rly think better option will be to buy adrenaline for 20$/month and don't give a fak about beeing scary for BAN since bot's are farming like few weeks and nothing happen to them...

* For all trolls etc:

I'm not crying, I'm not newbie, I'm not kid.

This is just simply proof that You can bot here without any kind of problem even if you get reported in game or in support center..

*For Admins and Mod's

Do not try to delete or close this topic cuz WE ARE FREE! WE CAN SPEAK! WE CAN SHOW PROOFS! WE CAN CUZ IT IS DEMOCRACY!

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